A game where no one is out

The CheeTAL is a beautiful spotted deer and the CheeTAH is a large cat, traditionally trained by Indian princes to chase deer.

Players line up in two even lines about six feet apart. One line is designated as the Cheetals and the other as the Cheetahs. They should stand with their backs facing each other. Each team has a home base/safe area about 20 feet away. The leader walks up and down between the lines calling out “Chee – ee – ee – ee - .. and ends up with ‘Tal’ or ‘Tah’. If she says Cheetal, the line of Cheetahs must chase the Cheetals while they run to their home base. If she says Cheetah, they must run to their base as the Cheetals chase them. After each call everyone returns to the middle in their lines. Anyone who was caught before reaching their home base is transferred to the other team. The game continues until one line dwindles.