Estimated Time Line for Sangam Trip

2 years before departure Review Sangam calendar of upcoming events and choose desired session based on interests of group.
22 months Contact Sangam with tentative reservation. Hold orientation meeting to discuss trip/ determine who is going. This is a good time for open discussion. Serve Indian food, show pictures, have someone share personal experiences if possible. Send Sangam 10% deposit.
18 – 20 months If you desire to tour India (highly recommended), Sangam will assist you. Note: if this is your first visit to India, you should tour following your Sangam session. This will give you an opportunity to adjust to India before exploring.
12 – 14 months Begin to contact airlines for fare information. Consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. Share any information sent to you by Sangam. There may be preparation needed by your group before the trip, i.e. there is usually an international evening at Sangam and you will be asked to prepare a presentation showcasing your region. This can be a skit, slides, songs, story, dance, and of course, food from your area.
8 – 12 months Purchase airline tickets. Check all information on the tickets carefully. Make sure everyone has a current passport extending at least 6 months after your arrival date.
6 months Check with your physician for any inoculations needed. You will need to take malaria medication during the trip. Send 40% of event fee to Sangam (non-refundable).
2 – 4 months Make sure all money has been collected. Note: the import and export of Indian Currency is prohibited. There are several Money Exchange counters in airport arrivals their rates are usually quite good. There are also ATMs approx. 10 minutes walk from Sangam and Money Exchange offices on M.G. Road approx. 30 minutes from Sangam by rickshaw.
1 – 2 months Obtain visitors 6 month visa to visit India. They become valid from the day they are issued and can be obtained from Indian embassy or by mail. Pay remaining 50% balance to Sangam one month prior to event.
0 – 2 months This is the time for any last minute questions from group