Our Chalet Quiz

  1. What shape is the Swiss flag?  Square.
  2. What two colours are on the Swiss flag? Red and white.
  3. Switzerland has four official languages.  Name two of them. German, Italian, French and Romansh.
  4. What is the capital city of Switzerland?
    1. Geneva
    2. Bern
    3. Adelboden
  5. In what village would you find Our Chalet? Adelboden.
  6. Why is Mrs Helen Storrow important in the history of Our Chalet? She wanted a World Centre in Switzerland and funded the construction and first years operations.
  7. Why couldn’t Our Chalet be built in the village of Kandersteg? Kandersteg was already home to the Kandersteg International Scouting Centre (KISC).
  8. In which year was Our Chalet opened? Opened in 1932.
  9. When is it Winter in Switzerland? December, January and February.
  10. Name two products for which Switzerland is famous. Chocolate, Swiss Army knives, fondue, cheese and clocks.

Courtesy of Australian Friends of the World Centres.