Don't Look Back, The Fox Walks Around - Swiss Game

Requires a piece of fabric, small stone or another object. This game can be played by any number of children who sit in a circle facing each other.

Choose one child to be the fox. The fox walks around the outside of the circle behind the other children. The fox carries a piece of fabric, a small stone or another object. The fox drops the item behind one of the children in the circle. As soon as that child knows the object was dropped behind him or her, he or she jumps up and tries to catch the fox. The fox runs and tries to get back around the circle and sit in the seat of the child who was tagged. If the fox makes it back to the child's seat, the other child becomes the fox. If the fox is tagged, however, he plays the fox again and chooses another child to tag. If the child who is tagged doesn't know the item was dropped behind him or her, and the fox can run around the circle before that child realizes it, the tagged child becomes a "lazy egg" and must sit inside the circle until another child becomes a lazy egg.

Courtesy of Australian Friends of the World Centres.