A trip to Our Chalet from the United States usually requires 2 years of planning, raising money and getting into shape for hiking and adventure at a high altitude (as the song goes,  it is “high up, high on the mountain“). 

If you plan to attend a program (event) session, you may need to apply 18 months prior and there may be a group limit for certain sessions. You also need to make a deposit to hold your reservation so you need to be aware of the various payment schedules.  Switzerland uses Swiss Francs (CHF), although the Euro is accepted. 

You need to pack only what you can carry (or pull). Be prepared for rain or snow (hopefully snow in the winter).  You will go from plane to train to bus to walking (or taxi) up (high up) to Our Chalet.  Check out the activity brochures for each of the seasons for specific gear to bring (or not to bring). If you plan to hike and do high adventure, a good pair of broken-in hiking boots are a must. Sheets and towels are provided if staying in the buildings (versus camping) at Our Chalet.

Certain types of rail passes can be purchased in the United States prior to your departure.  

The Girl Scout uniform (pin, vest, scarf, white blouse) is appropriate for the opening ceremony and the dinner meal.  The group may also want to have a group/event t-shirt or scarf to wear for informal occasions. (Of course, you can buy an Our Chalet shirt, sweater or fleece when you are there!)