Amate is a special craft, traditionally involving painting on bark paper. 


  • Brown Grocery Bag
  • Newspapers
  • Wax Paper
  • Iron
  • Markers
  • Tempera or Acrylic Paint


  1. For a book mark, cut a 2x8 inch piece from the grocery bag
  2. Crinkle it into ball, unfold it and lay it between two pieces of waxed paper
  3. Place a piece of newspaper on top (to protect the iron) and iron flat.
  4. Draw a design with black permanent marker.  Themes of animals, birds, flowers, etc. are traditional. 
  5. Paint the design with tempera or acrylic paint in bright colors.  Add a drop or two of dish soap into the paint so it will stick to the waxy paper.  Don't paint the background.
  6. Let dry and enjoy!