Traveling From Mexico City to Cuernavaca

If you arrive earlier than your event dates and plan to stay at Ticalli, the Mexican Guide Hostel in Mexico City, then Our Cabaña can make arrangements to collect you from Ticalli at 1:00pm on the first day of the event and bring you to Our Cabaña.

If you are arriving at the Mexico City airport on the first day of the event and wish to travel directly to Our Cabaña, they can arrange for a bus to meet your group at the Mexico City airport (groups must be 4 or more people).  They always do their best to match up groups arriving at the airport at similar times.

You can also decide to travel to Our Cabaña from the airport using the shuttle bus service "Pullman de Morelos"  Ask for a ticket to "Casino de la Selva".  Buses leave Mexico City for Cuernavaca every 15 minutes from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.  Tickets are issued for specific departure times and a specific seat number. You must occupy the seat number assigned for your departure time. Bus fare is payable in Mexican pesos.  Review information about the Mexico City airport. There are two different airport terminals and each terminal has its own bus ticket counter and pick up location.

From elsewhere in Mexico City...

Take a taxi to Terminal Central de Autobuses del Sur "Taxqueña" and look for "Pullman de Morelos". Ask for a ticket to "Casino de la Selva".

In Cuernavaca to Our Cabaña

There is an authorized taxi service at the bus station where ticket prices are based on zones determined at the ticket counter.  If the ticket counter is not open, ask a driver to take you to "Nuestra Cabaña, Rio Mayo esquina Rio Lerma, Colonia Vista Hermosa".  (if you have it written down, you can just hand it to the taxi driver).  In Cuernavaca it is still safe to hail taxis on the street.  Remember that you should NOT do this in Mexico City. Be prepared to pay in pesos and always confirm the price before the journey starts.